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Welcome to Ashbank Laundry Centre. We provide a professional commercial laundry service to a wide variety of professional establishments and industry.  We look after the laundry needs of  many hotels, universities, care homes, sports clubs, equestrian centres and heavy industries.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at Ashbank Laundry Centre if you require any information of the products and services we can offer you.

"Hospitality Linen Service


Table cloths, ranging from banquet cloth size to napkins are washed, starched and ironed on our gas fired commercial roller irons.




"Industrial Workwear Cleaning


A dedicated section of the laundry specialises in overalls and heavy duty oily coveralls. The wash cycles are carefully programmed and all machines have sophisticated auto dosed cleaning products installed. This ensures the garments are cleaned thoroughly and once dried and folded and ready to be used again.

Rental Packages


Rental, or straight forward cleaning of linen/overalls/towels etc is carried out at our 10,000 square feet Headquarters. Customers are encouraged to visit us and see for themselves the high quality equipment and smooth organisation that takes place behind the scenes.


Equestrian Clothing Laundry


Horse blankets are carefully laundered in mild wash cycles, with waterproofing added when requested.


Colleges and Universities

Universities & College's

With Durham University recently awarding Ashbank Laundry a new 4 year contract to look after all of its banqueting, catering and accommodation requirements, we are well positioned to look after many other similar establishments.



Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs

Football kits, rugby kits, indeed any sports club items, are collected washed, dried, folded and packed to a high standard and returned.